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Lestat is not amused, Louis! 

Twilight is definitely not literature! XD

Thank you Parle Productions for giving us this meme - it was too perfect to resist~ 

Taken from the opening of: Interview With The Vampire - The Vampire Crackicles! 





This makes me so sad

My headcanon for the MCU-verse is the Frigga always wanted more children, but they only ever had Thor. Frigga smiled and pretended all was well, but there was always a secret longing for a child who was more like her. As much as she loved Thor, he was very much his father’s son and the golden child. He had no patience for magic and tricks.

And then her husband comes back from war with this infant, a child who could be a hostage against the Jotun, who could one day be useful, an ally on the throne of Jotunheim. But Frigga doesn’t see that. She sees a frightened baby, and takes him from Odin, and cradles him as if he’s her own, and the baby’s cries soften.

"He is a Jotun. You cannot forget that," Odin said, over and over, but Frigga only smiled and said, "No. He is my son."

Sure, I didn’t need those feels

So. Many. Feels. I can’t.



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Лучший косплей Леви за всю историю косплея Леви!



jean and eren bickering pretty much the whole time and jean teaching eren how to act like a civilized human being i mean c’mon